Harvard Engagement Session- Marielle + Thomas

She fits in that special spot, under the little crook of his arm, so perfectly.


Marielle and Thomas met at Harvard University and love happened at the Lamont Library. You'll get to see more of these two later this year with their special wedding happening in Boston's South End at Rafius Fane Gallery and Menton.  

Pierce House, Lincoln Wedding Sneak Peek- Carlin + Dan

You just have to smile when you see these two together. It's contagious. Then, if you're anything like me, you have to hold back that tightening feeling in your throat (which will lead to happy tears) because their love is just  the best thing ever. Here's a sneak peek of Carlin and Dan and their wedding at The Pierce House, Lincoln. More coming soon!


Portland Maine Westin Wedding- Sean + Nicole

When she took her heels off before heading onto the dance floor, I knew something was up. Nicole, with her sister, Kimmy, put on one of the best dances to Proud Mary I’ve ever seen. It. Was. Amazing. And when Matt gave his Best Man speech about watching a memorable Sox game with Sean (I won’t do it justice by giving you the two cent tour here) I realized what is so special about these two. Sean and Nicole both are so fun to be around but also know what’s important in life. What a delight to work with them, documenting their day from the first look to the first dance. I am so thrilled for them as they kick off their marriage! 


Cambridge Engagement Photos- Amanda + Eric

Amanda and Eric celebrated their Valentine's Day with an engagement shoot. Their timing couldn't have been more perfect. With a fresh snow fall and some glowy afternoon rays, we had the perfect setting in Cambridge. I had an awesome time getting to know these two a little better and I can't wait to spend more time with them during their UMass Club, Boston wedding. 


All About The Engagement Session- Tips & Tricks

In the countdown to wedding season 2017, I wanted to create a series of posts to give engaged couples and curious minds information on the lead up (and aftermath) of the wedding day. There are so many decisions to make and I hope that this helps with the process. First up, the engagement session! 

Why do an engagement session?

I always tell my clients that an engagement session is great for two main reasons. First, it allows you to get comfortable in front of the camera. If you aren’t used to being photographed with your loved one (besides the occasional selfie) it can be good practice and help you feel natural with a lens pointed your way. After shooting for 20 minutes or so, I find couples tend to settle into a groove. A pint of beer or favorite cocktail beforehand never hurt anyone either! Second, it simply gives you more professional photos. On your wedding day, you will have the dress, the shoes, the tie but during an engagement session you can let your personality shine. We’ll also have the opportunity to photograph you in a favorite location. This gives the photos extra meaning— you + your favorite place! 


What time of year should I do my engagement session?

I like to be flexible with the exact timing on your engagement session. Maybe it’s just around the corner from your wedding date or maybe it’s farther away (even a year!) so we can capture a different season than what we’ll see on your wedding day. If your big day is in the autumn, maybe we meet up during the winter and get some photos with a snowy backdrop. Or, if you have a summer wedding, we can rendezvous in the fall in your favorite neighborhood. In the end, the decision is up to you and what you think you would appreciate most in the background. Pro tip: If shooting in New England, avoid early spring months like March and early April. Before the leaves come out, everything can be brown and muddy. While it’s not an impossible task to make shots that time of year look great, a background with some color, bright greens or fresh snow will work the best. 


When to Send out the Save the Dates?

Lots of my couples opt to use their engagement session as an opportunity to receive some imagery for their Save the Date. When you book your engagement session, feel free to tell your photographer you hope to use an image for this purpose. When I'm shooting, I like to keep this in mind so I can give my clients lots of variations-- some I'll create with negative space (good for type), and horizontal and vertical options of the same photo. That makes the design process much easier down the line. 

How Should I Create my Save the Date?

There are lots of different ways to do your Save the Date. I’ve personally gotten magnets, cards, digital invitations— there are a ton of choices! Paperless Post is a great avenue to consider as they offer both paperless and printed options. With a super straightforward website, the design process is a snap (or a click). Oh the puns! Choose between classic designs or something that your super cool, graphic designer friend made just for you. 



What Do I do with my Photos After the Engagement Session? 

Most photographers will pass along your photos digitally via an online gallery. Be sure to back up those shots onto an external hard drive or a service like Dropbox or Backblaze. Next, be sure to get a few hardcopies of your favorites either in album or print form. While I love to have my images saved on my digital devices (and accessible at all times), there is something special about the printed product. As Marie Kondo says things should, "bring a spark of joy” and I think a framed print you and your beloved will do just that!