Studio Tour

Come check out my studio! This is where I meet with clients, shoot and spend my days editing and listening to every crime and self-improvement podcast known to man. 

I've designed it to have a few different "spaces," each with a purpose in mind. I'm a bit of a scavenger so nothing is too expensive and I've tried to find secondhand items when possible. Come by for a visit! I always have coffee, wine and cookies. 


Top left: Sitting area for clients and doing "deep worky" stuff.  The chairs are from my Grandpa who had the keen sense to buy them in the 60's from a neighbor? A going out of business sale? I need to check in with my Mom on the family folklore. The zany teal wall has my photography and the plan is switch it up the color when the mood strikes. Maybe a deep eggplant next? I'm open to suggestions. 

Top right: My office. I've hung old barn windows (snagged from my brother's home renovation project) that I've cleaned up with some elbow grease and a coat of new paint. I work on dual monitors, a desk picked up at Brimfield Market that I've retrofitted with a new top and the chair is from Amazon (totally awesome). The rolly bench is from an old factory that I also found at Brimfield. Great surface for shooting and sitting. 


Front entry way to my studio. Did you know signs are crazy expensive? I found my sign at World Market and scrapped off the existing text with a razor blade. The decal is from Esty and in total cost me about $30. 


Top left: Meeting table in the foreground is an old Ikea find, bench is from Brimfield, storage to the back right and the American Leather couch to the back left was my splurge. Worth every penny. 


Top left: The downstairs entryway. That's a painting I made during the Super Bowl one year when I wasn't into the game. I can also attach photo prints using magnets to the surface because on the back of the canvas I did two coats of magnetic paint. The table is from one of my favorite spots in the area Counting Sheep Antiques. So worth a visit! 

Top right: Different angle on the sitting area. That's a chest I found at... gasp.... the Christmas Tree shops. I painted it with Annie's Chalk Paint (that stuff can paint over almost anything-- I've tried!) in Antoinette pink. The lamp is from Saver's, rugs from World Market and the trunk is from a friend that had too many trunks. Yeah, she collects luggage!  


Albums and prints. Photography is not complete without the printed product. I believe images shouldn't live on a hard drive forever. They should be tangible, livable pieces of work that live out in the open, get passed around the living room and become a part of your decor. Here are some samples for clients to check out when they come to visit. 


Top left: the road to my studio. Top right: Ruby the guard dog.